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aedo iraqi
05-07-2010, 12:09
السلام عليكم
بعد الاضرار التي لحقت بمنتدانا الغالي نستنكر هذا التخريب الذي تعرض له المنتدى
ونعود ونبدا من جديد وسنحاول نشر الافضل لزوار منتدى بحزاني ملتقى الاحبة وسنحاول ايجاد افضل المواضيع والبرامج لهذا المنتدى الغالي وسنحاول بقدر المستطاع افادة جميع الزوار والاعضاء الكرام بكل ماهو جديد انشاء الله.

اولا نبدا بهذه البرامج البسيطة والمفيدة لكل كمبيوتر ولكل مستخدم

المفتاح الاصلي لكل هذه البرامج من اليسار لليمين ستة خانات بدون النقطة الصغيرة التي تفصل كل خمسة ارقام

لتحميل اي برنامج انقر على اسم البرنامج من موقع الشركة مباشر

http://www.winmend.com/uploads/images/winmend/dot01.gif WinMend System Doctor (http://www.winmend.com/pad/download/WinMend-System-Doctor.exe)
http://www.winmend.com/uploads/images/winmend/dot01.gif WinMend Registry Cleaner (http://www.winmend.com/pad/download/WinMend-Registry-Cleaner.exe)
http://www.winmend.com/uploads/images/winmend/dot01.gif WinMend History Cleaner (http://www.winmend.com/pad/download/WinMend-History-Cleaner.exe)
http://www.winmend.com/uploads/images/winmend/dot01.gif WinMend Disk Cleaner (http://www.winmend.com/pad/download/WinMend-Disk-Cleaner.exe)
http://www.winmend.com/uploads/images/winmend/dot01.gif WinMend Data Recovery (http://www.winmend.com/pad/download/WinMend-Data-Recovery.exe)
نبدا بصور توضيحية بسيطة واول صورة تبين طريقة تسجيل البرنامج وهي تقريبا متشابهة لكل البرامج
وندخل المفتاح اعلاه في الخانات الفارغة بعد الضغط على كلمة التسجيل

Make sure that you paste in the correct serial number supplied in your order confirmation email.

To recover lost data, please go through the following steps.

Step 1: Start WiMend Data Recovery software, Select the Hard Disk Drive where the data lost for scanning. Here we choose D:\


Step 2: Click "Quick Scan" to search the lost file quickly. There will be a scan confirmation box pop-up.


Step 3: Click "Yes" to scan, or click "No" to do nothing. The scanning process show you below.


Step 4: After scanning, the results will be listed. Choose the valuable data to recover by selecting the check box.


Step 5: Click "Recover" button to select the location for saving the data. Then Click the "OK" to do data recovery.


Step 6: The recovery process will last for a moments. The time is decided by the lost file size.


Step 7: Click "OK" to recover other lost data.


Start up WinMend System Doctor, click "Scan Settings" button in the main interface.


Select the option "Scan windows security vulnerabilities", click "save".


Click "diagnose" button to scan windows system vulnerabilities.


After scanning, you'll find the system vulnerabilities.


Click "repair" button to fix the security problems.


http://blog.brothersoft.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/03/winmend_registry_cleaner_logo.jpgDo you need a powerful, easy to use and safe to clean registry? Winmend registry cleaner is designed for this purpose. As its name demonstrated, WinMend registry cleaner (http://www.brothersoft.com/winmend-registry-cleaner-241407.html) is aiming to clean registry, optimize registry, backup registry and make schedules.

Efficiently and comprehensively, the WinMend registry cleaner will analyze your system information and locate errors. If your PC is just running in a very low speed, the following detailed introduction of the WinMend register cleaner will absolutely make itself brilliant than others.

After your installation, you could see its four function modules, which are: Registry Cleaner, Registry Optimizer, Registry Backup and Scheduler. All of them can perform safely, fast, comprehensively and regularly.

http://blog.brothersoft.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/03/winmend_registry_cleaner_01-500x374.jpg (http://blog.brothersoft.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/03/winmend_registry_cleaner_01.jpg)

Registry Cleaner
In the first part, the WinMend registry cleaner is basically analyzing your system registry, locate errors and obsolete data. The errors can be fixed and obsolete items can also be deleted, enabling a final fast speed and high performance for your system.

And system security, browsing factor, boot speed, system performance and invalid shortcuts on the drives can be chosen. Many sub choices are available. But in the trial version, only up to 10 errors can be corrected up at a time. Once the scanning starts, the progress is:

http://blog.brothersoft.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/03/winmend_registry_cleaner_02-500x374.jpg (http://blog.brothersoft.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/03/winmend_registry_cleaner_02.jpg)

When the scanning is finished, you can go to the next step and check out any of their detailed info, such as value and location. Or you can decide to fix or ignore those items.

http://blog.brothersoft.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/03/winmend_registry_cleaner_03-500x374.jpg (http://blog.brothersoft.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/03/winmend_registry_cleaner_03.jpg)

Registry Optimizer
This function will perform a comprehensive test to analyze the configuration of the hardware and software in your system. And you can perform optimization to fix those problems.

http://blog.brothersoft.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/03/winmend_registry_cleaner_04-500x374.jpg (http://blog.brothersoft.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/03/winmend_registry_cleaner_04.jpg)

Registry Backup
In this section, you can back up a full copy of your registry. In fact, backing up registry regularly can help guarantee system security. As a consequence, the registry backup is quite necessary.

http://blog.brothersoft.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/03/winmend_registry_cleaner_05-500x374.jpg (http://blog.brothersoft.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/03/winmend_registry_cleaner_05.jpg)

How to scan and clear all Windows history to protect your privacy With WinMend History Cleaner?

WinMend History Cleaner is a utility that can comprehensively clean histories produced by various programs in the system. It can effectively scan and clean histories generated by more than 100 programs. These histories include cookies, browsing histories and cache files by browsers such as Internet Explorer, Firefox and histories by a great number of other applications such as Microsoft Office, WinRAR, Windows Media Player and RealPlayer. Start to clear the history from you PC now.

Step 1: Run WinMend History Cleaner, choose “History Cleaner”:


Step 2: Label "Windows", "Browsers", "Applications", "Cookies", select the options which you want to clear.
Step 3: According to your needs, complete all settings, Click "http://www.winmend.com/uploads/images/winmend/history%20cleaner/start_scan.png"

Step 4: The scan result, you can click “View Details” to check search details, or click “Start Cleanup” to proceed.