avast! Antivirus Pro 2015 10.0.2206.692 Final avast! Internet security 2015 10.0.2206.692 Final avast! Premier Antivirus 2015.10.0.2206.692Final avast! Free Antivirus 2015.10.0.2206.692Final الاصدار الاخير من عملاق الحماية الاشهر !Avast avast! 2015.10.0.2206.692 Final الحصن الامين من الفيروسات والتروجانات والمكافح الشرس للملفات الضارة بكافة انواعها اذا كنت من مستخدمة هذا البرنامج المتميز فاعلم تماما انك فى مامن من كافة انواع الفيروسات وهجمات الهاكرز والمتطفلين و كافة محاولات الاختراق ليس هذا فحسب بل يحميك ايضا من رسائل السبام ومحاولات اختراق الايميل الخاص بك فهو يوفر لك حماية كاملة ومتكاملة من كافة التهديدات والاخطار ويكفى القول ان اكثر من 100 مليون مستخدم حول العالم يثقون فى هذا العملاق ويعتبرونه البيت الامن من كافة الاخطار برنامج معروف وواسع الانتشار وينصح به دائما الاصدار الاخير عملاق الحماية الاشهر avast! antivirus software provides complete virus protection for your computer. antivirus engine is complemented by anti-spyware, firewall and antispam modules to protect you against phishing schemes, identity theft and internet distributed web viruses. Automatic updates for greater user convenience and safety. Top user ratings among free antivirus software. The new avast! free antivirus includes a spyware detection engine. To protect you from identity theft as well as viruses. avast! Pro antivirus – better protection during web surfing. Full-featured antivirus software. Better than our free antivirus, especially for web surfing, but without the firewall and antispam included in avast! internet Security. Also if you wish to customize your security, this is the recommended software. avast! internet Security provides complete antivirus, anti-spyware, antispam, and firewall protection, complemented now by new avast! SafeZone technology. It creates an isolated virtual desktop, invisible to any possible attacker, where you can do your online shopping and banking securely. avast! SafeZone opens a new (clean) desktop so that other programs don’t see what’s happening – and it leaves no history once it’s closed. Our award-winning and certified antivirus engine and shields stop even previously unknown threats – for peace of mind when you chat or spend time on Facebook, Twitter, or other websites. Our silent firewall stops hackers and other unauthorized entry attempts to your PC, to keep your data where it belongs – safe and sound. internet Security’s antispam feature blocks both spam and sophisticated “phishing” attempts, to keep you from clicking “harmless” links that really can cause damage. avast! has been proven again for its great scanning speed. Anti-Malware Test Labs tested 16 antiviruses and avast! received the highest honor, the Platinum Performance Award. Accelerate your PC with avast! • Engine: Blocks viruses & spyware • Cloud: Gives file reputation warnings • Cloud: Streams real-time updates • Remote: Allows assistance from a geek friend • SafeZone: Secures shopping & banking • Sandbox: Lets you surf the web virtually • Sandbox: Runs risky programs virtually Hybrid Cloud Technologies • Streaming, real-time virus database updates • File reputation system New Protective Features • AutoSandbox • Browser Sandboxing • WebRep • SafeZone™ Greater Usability • avast! Account portal • Remote Assistance • Easy-to-use user interface • Customizable installation • Now even faster AND less resource-hungry • Windows 8 compatible Core Technologies • antivirus and anti-spyware engine • Real-time anti-rootkit protection • Silent Firewall avast! internet security only • Antispam avast! internet security only • avast! WebRep • avast! CommunityIQ Hi-Tech Features • Boot-time scanner • avast! SafeZone™ avast! Pro antivirus and internet security only • AutoSandbox • avast! Sandbox avast! Pro antivirus and internet security only • Intelligent Scanner • Silent/Gaming Mode • Green computing avast! Real-time Shields – a team of 24/7 guards • File System Shield • Mail Shield • Web Shield • P2P Shield/IM Shield • Network Shield • Script Shield • Behavior Shield Others • 64-bit support • Heuristics engine • Code emulator • Automatic processing • Smart virus definition updates • Fast application of updates • Multi-threaded scanning optimization • Wake-up/Scheduled scanning • Works on Microsoft Windows 2003, Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 (32/64 bit) New in avast! antivirus 9.0 * New edition – avast! Premier * Software Health module * Browser Cleanup tool * New User Interface * Data Shredder (Premier only) * AccessAnywhere (Premier only) * Improved Autosandbox/Sandbox technlogy * Improved General AV performance and stability New in avast! internet security 9.0 * New edition – avast! Premier * Software Health module * Browser Cleanup tool * New User Interface * Data Shredder (Premier only) * AccessAnywhere (Premier only) * Improved Autosandbox/Sandbox technlogy * Improved General AV performance and stability يمكنك تحميل التفعيل منفردا من هنا طريقه التفعيل : 1- يتم تنصيب البرنامج ثم ايقاف جدار الحمايه 2 - يتم تنصيب الملف avast License ZeNiX كأدمنسترتور 3 - يتم اعادة تشغيل الجهاز الاصدار الاخير عملاق الحماية الاشهر ملحوظة AV = Antivirus Pro IS = Internet Security PR = Premier Antivirus تحميل البرنامج Avast 2015.10.0.2206.692 MBA Degree